John P Burks - Sculptor

Welcome to my website.

I work in stone and carve with traditional hand tools. I simply enjoy the feel of the tools in my hands and the act of making something from stone.

It's like a meditation when you carve... at least it is for me. It's a peaceful repetitive process that fills the senses as you watch the shapes emerge. It's something to do with the way the hands, eyes and ears work together and the way the brain subconsciously processes the inputs. You sink into a sort of semi-conscious and "in-balance" state.

When you carve, you listen to, feel and watch the stone ... and ... you gradually you peel it away to reveal a shape that exists only in your mind. This is what fascinates me.

The carvings I produce seek to celebrate this process. They are cut deeply in differing surface finishes to enhance the fall of shadow and they are designed to be touched. They aim to instill a feeling of calm and solidity.

If you would like to see my carvings in full shadow please select a video below and press "play". The videos come with soundtracks so please try them with volume.

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