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John P Burks - Stone Carving

There is something about stone carving that warms the soul. It's something to do with the rhythm of the hammer or the sound of the stone under chisel. It's like a meditation.

This site contains videos of some of my carvings.

  1. Kephale #3

    Kephale #3
    Hand Carved - Tadcaster Limestone
    Dimensions: 43 cms x 15 cms x 15 cms
    Weight: 13Kg

  2. Caput #3

    Hand carved - Maltese Limestone

    Not quite finished yet :)

  3. Stone Carvings 2014

    This short video shows a few of the stone carvings produced during 2014.

  4. Kephale

    One of my favorite pieces now mounted on a Limestone block.

    40 x 16 x 11 cms
    Tadcaster Limestone

  5. Caput

    Another one of the pieces I really enjoyed carving.
    27 x 27 x 20 cms
    Maltese Limestone.

  6. Pollen

    A bit of an experiment. It was a lot of holes to drill!
    252x 20 x 18 cms
    Ancaster Limestone



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