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John P Burks - Carved in Stone

“Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment.” - Kurt Vonnegut


  1. Aenigmatica #1

  2. Praesul #1

  3. Kephale #3

    Kephale #3
    Hand Carved - Tadcaster Limestone
    Dimensions: 43 cms x 15 cms x 15 cms
    Weight: 13Kg

  4. Caput #3

    Caput #3
    Hand Carved - Maltese Limestone
    Dimensions: 23cms x 23 cms x 28cms
    Weight: 10Kg

  5. Alatus #1

    Alatus #1
    Hand Carved - Maltese Limestone
    Dimensions: 28 cms x 26 cms x 18 cms
    Weight: 10 Kg

  6. Red Ettin #1

    'The Red Ettin of Ireland
    Once lived in Ballygan,
    And stole King Malcolm's daughter,
    The king of fair Scotland.
    He beats her, he binds her,
    He lays her on a band;
    And every day he strikes her
    With a bright silver wand
    Like Julian the Roman,
    He's one that fears no man.

    'But now I fear his end is near,
    And destiny at hand;
    And you're to be, I plainly see,
    The heir of all his land.'



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